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PANGEA Announce New Partnership with Everest Energy and Embark Energy Under UN SE4ALL


PANGEA is delighted to announce the unveiling of a new partnership with Embark Energy (United States of America) and Everest Energy (The Netherlands) under the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative that launched this week in New York.

The partnership will help to match clean energy projects to finance under the SE4ALL High Impact Initiative for Sustainable Bioenergy in Africa (African HII), of which PANGEA is the UN Secretariat. The partnership will support PANGEA’s role as UN Secretariat for the African HII by helping to link sustainable energy projects with the necessary funding for their implementation.

Embark Energy brings experience in linking start-up business and entrepreneurs in renewable energy with necessary financing, training and tools to this partnership, whilst Everest Energy is an experienced bioenergy project developer that has been facilitating the expansion of existing energy projects on a larger scale. This partnership will address the full range of sustainable bioenergy projects to be implemented under SE4ALL, from start-ups to scaling-up existing successful initiatives.

The main aim of the partnership is to address the issue of energy poverty across Africa by increasing the number of local SMEs in operation by developing the project pipeline across well-trained entrepreneurs, clean energy SMEs and creating the finance opportunities for market-based solutions that solve pressing issues of energy access.

Meghan Sapp, PANGEA Secretary General, sums up the great potential that this partnership will bring to SE4ALL in the following quote: “PANGEA has been identifying and working with African entrepreneurs since its inception but hasn’t had the technical capacity nor resources to provide the support these burgeoning businesses need. Now, in partnership with Embark and Everest Energy under SE4ALL, we can finally get those entrepreneurs the support they need to create sustainable businesses that supply sustainable, affordable clean energy to their communities,”

For more details on this partnership, read the official press release on our website here.

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