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It’s About Action, Explains the Paleo Treats Team

One of the most reviled men in one of the most reviled industries of recent times (Tim Spicer of Sandline International, progenitor of the modern security contractor company) said, “…your effectiveness comes totally from within your own efforts, and the excellence you obtain in whatever you do is directly proportionate to the effort you are prepared to put in.” How could someone who believes that hard work delivers hard won success (and who has a very strong internal sense of right and wrong) be so criticized and abused that he literally wrote a book in explanation (“An Unorthodox Soldier: Peace, War, and The Sandline Affair”)?

I’ll not get into the politics or the details of the story (as fascinating as it may be), but I want to make this point:  A common myth is that the pursuit of excellence carries with it a guarantee of positive recognition.

As can be seen in the example of Mr. Spicer, this is not always true. Rather, sometimes hard work in pursuit of a legitimate goal will get you a good kicking in the press. This breach between hard work and assured positive recognition drives home the fact that while positive attention and recognition is nice, it is not intrinsically linked to why we do what we do.

Sure, it’s nice to put up the 1% for the Planet logo on our website, but the real work, the real effect, comes from the solidarity of each of us putting our money and efforts where our mouth is. That is why 1%FTP is so damn awesome.

We all have our own pet project (or set of projects), which range from protecting vernal pools to stopping dams to restoring a once clean river. Wherever you fit into the larger 1%FTP network is your own decision. If you’re a part of this group, you support your project with more than “awareness”, which is, as adventurer Robert Young Pelton said, “a disease of modern times.” The basis of Pelton’s idea is that the much hyped flow from awareness to understanding to action ends with most people at the awareness level, and they accept that. 1%FTPers don’t.

To move beyond just being “aware” to the phases of understanding and action involves work. That work, that actual movement of physical energy from one entity to another, is what makes change, makes a difference, and ultimately is what 1%FTP stands for.

We at Paleo Treats think it’s important to make and sell cookies and then donate part of the our sales to the San Diego River Park Foundation, a local nonprofit that works to engage the community with the river and protect it. Other businesses build bicycles or warm jackets or surfboards and contribute 1% of their sales somewhere else. However, at the end of the day we are united in our efforts to make a positive change in the world, recognized or not.

That change, that effort, that move beyond awareness without the bonds of needing positive recognition to affirm what we’re doing, is the reason we’re stoked to be part of 1% for the Planet.

So here’s to hard work and change, whether light-shined or dark-hidden, in company with all you other 1%FTPers out there.


Nik & The PT Crew

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