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Inspiring Action, Creating Resilience – National Summit to Address Coastal Restoration and Management


Inspiring Action, Creating Resilience – National Summit to Address Coastal Restoration and Management

This coming November 1-6, the highly anticipated 2014 National Summit on Coastal Restoration and Managementwill take place in Washington, DC.  The six-day Summit is a multidisciplinary event that provides a blend of policy, science, business, and new and best management practices. “This will be the largest national gathering of the coastal restoration and management community in more than ten years,” said Restore America’s Estuaries president, Jeff Benoit.


The conference theme, Inspiring Action, Creating Resilience highlights just how essential people and communities are in taking meaningful action in coastal restoration and management, and showcasing how sound science teamed with best practices create healthy and resilient coastal environments, which in turn create jobs and strong economies that support coastal communities.


Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE) and The Coastal Society (TCS) are collaborating to present the first-ever Summit that will bring together the coastal restoration and management communities for an integrated discussion to explore issues, solutions and lessons learned in their work.


“We hope that you will share in our excitement as we embark on this new collaboration to lead the first national effort to bridge the restoration and coastal management communities. The Summit provides an opportunity to address many of the issues we have in common in a more holistic way and offers a more cost-effective way to convene discussion,” added Lisa Schiavinato, president of The Coastal Society.


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, RAE’s local alliance member, will play host to this biennial event, and by the nature of this Summit’s location, the Chesapeake Bay will play a prominent role throughout the program’s six day schedule.


The Summit will provide timely and much-needed attention to the challenges and opportunities for coastal and estuarine restoration and management and will bring together a unique blend of people who are involved in policy, science, strategy, business, and on-the-ground restoration and management.


“RAE’s National Conferences always provide for a dynamic networking experience, opportunities for sharing best practices, and learning from others.  I’m particularly looking forward to the 2014 Summit with the synergy that RAE has created already, in collaborating with The Coastal Society.  This is the premier national coastal restoration and management event happening this year, and it’s not to be missed,” noted ARCADIS’ John Balletto.


The six-day Summit will include a number of invaluable opportunities to be engaged beyond just the dynamic presentation, including an on-the-ground community service restoration project in the Anacostia Watershed’s Heritage Marsh, field sessions led around Chesapeake Bay, two plenaries and more than 80 program sessions, a robust and leading exposition/poster hall, and numerous networking opportunities.


“The RAE Summit is a must-attend venue for federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, by providing invaluable interaction and collaboration opportunities with other governmental agencies, environmental businesses, non-profit organizations, academics and many more partners.  I am especially looking forward to hearing from the highest levels of leadership in the coastal conservation field and learn from experts in the field,” pointed out U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Dave Evans.


In a tradition dating back to RAE’s first conference in 2003, we have always worked with a local (to the event) artist to come up with an original image that represents well the local coastal environment and is showcased in many of our Summit’s marketing materials.  “Heron on the Bay” was painted by nationally renowned plein air artist John Brandon Sills, who grew up around the Chesapeake Bay and still resides nearby today.


For more information about the Summit, please visit our website. or contact Harvey Potts at hpotts (at) estuaries (dot) org.

For more information on Restore America’s Estuaries and ways in which you can support their important work, please contact Lance Speidell at lspeidell (at) estuaries (dot) org.



Restore America’s Estuaries is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1995 as an alliance of eleven community-based conservation organizations working to protect and restore the vital habitats of our nation’s estuaries. We are dedicated to working closely with community, private, and governmental organizations to preserve the extraordinary heritage of our nation’s estuaries. Our mission is to preserve the nation’s network of estuaries by protecting and restoring the lands and waters essential to the richness and diversity of coastal life.  RAE has been a national member of Earth Share’s Combined Federal Campaign since 2004.

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