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Give Wheat a Chance with Step Forward Paper

“At Step Forward Paper, we proudly support and are an active member of 1% for the Planet. Each year, we give back by donating 1% of our sales to support environmental organizations across the world. But why are more and more companies choosing to give back, go “green” or invest in the future of the planet? Simply put, sustainability is good for business. Adopting eco-friendly practices can increase your bottom line, keep your customers happy and protect the future of our planet. Going green boosts profit, overhauls company image and protects the health of the environment.”

The two co-founders Woody Harrelson (left) and Jeff Golfman (right) strive to create a new paradigm: tree-free paper! Their mission is to make high-quality paper using agricultural-waste from farmer’s fields. It is the first paper of its kind to hit shelves in North America, and a big step towards meeting more of our paper needs from leftover straw instead of ancient forests.

Step Forward Paper is made with 80% wheat-straw waste, which means 80% less trees. 2 boxes of Step Forward paper saves 1 tree! To estimate the amount of trees and CO2 you can save by switching to Step Forward Paper, use their Eco-Calculator.

So, as our friends at Step Forward Paper say, give wheat a chance!

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