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EcoWatch: Uniting all shades of green to ensure the health and longevity of our planet.


It’s the media’s duty to inform people on the most critical issues impacting the Earth.

From beginnings as a nonprofit for more than eight years to certification as a Benefit Corporation in September 2013, EcoWatch has stayed true to that core belief. Now we’re delighted to introduce them to the 1% for the Planet network as a new Media Partner.

EcoWatch is a dedicated platform for environmental news that helps transform the ability of individuals to learn about environmental issues and take action. They’re leading the charge in using online news to drive fundamental change, and we can’t imagine a better partner to help grow awareness of the 1% for the Planet network.

EcoWatch reports on environmental news, green living and sustainable business. They also feature content from students around the world, and renowned environmental and business leaders. They educate and motivate people to protect human health and the environment through NewsLivingBusinessUniversity and Insights verticals, and online store of thousands of green products.

Stay connected with EcoWatch by signing up for their Top News of the Day email, liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

If you’re a 1% for the Planet member, they’re also extending a special discount for advertisers.

Reach millions of eco-conscious readers by taking advantage of EcoWatch’s quarterly advertising special available to all 1% for the Planet members.  Experience well above industry standard click-through rates and the highest level of engagement from our educated and engaged readers through EcoWatch’s advertising package, including native advertising + social amplification, run-of-site banner advertising, eNewsletter banner advertising, run-of-site logo branding and more. The advertising special is discounted to $5,500—a savings of $1,500.  For more information, contact Stefanie Spear at or 216-387-1609 and mention that you are a 1% for the Planet member.

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