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Charm City Run Cleans up the Severn River




Charm City Run is a major sponsor of the Severn Riverkeeper Program, whose mission is to protect and restore the Capital River of the State of Maryland, the Severn. Charm City’s support has enabled them to continue as leaders in stopping the increasing stormwater runoff pollution. In furtherance of the President’s Executive Order 13508, declaring the Chesapeake Bay a National Treasure, and requesting local watershed organizations to help stop pollution, they constructed two prototype stormwater protection systems. Both won awards! Their Cabin Branch Stream Restoration Project stopped the toxic runoff from the Annapolis Mall that had been killing marine life and making swimming unsafe in the Severn River for decades. This project won the award for the best urban stormwater restoration project in the entire Chesapeake Watershed in the past 5 years! The Severn Riverkeeper Program runs solely on donations and grants. Without the support of such sponsors like Charm City Run, the toxic runoff from the Annapolis Mall would still be killing marine life and making the Severn unsafe.



Our friend Tom from Charm City Run said, “At Charm City Run we look to our difference makers in the community. Severn Riverkeeper is one of those. They are getting their hands dirty and truly making a monumental impact not only in the Severn River, but our entire watershed. We are proud to stand next to such a great organization and support them in the ways we do. Running is a powerful tool. We have the ability to change peoples lives through sport and through the many organizations we decide to support. Severn Riverkeeper stands behind our community mission. Live. Give. Run.”

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