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Andrew Sidford Architects Makes Their Commitment

“My commitment to the environment started at an early age when I was a camper, and later, counselor at a YMCA camp on Lake George, NY.  We were taught the simple principle of leaving a place better than we found it.  As an architect, it always seemed to make sense to me that we should be concerned about what affect our existence has on the planet.  As a member of a local environmental group, SEED, here in Newburyport, I met Terry Kellogg who was a fellow Middlebury graduate and he introduced me to 1% for the Planet.  We joined as the first architectural firm! Although there have been some very tough times as a business and we struggled to make our commitment at times, I always felt it was an investment in our, and our children’s, future.

We have been donating to a variety of organizations from local to national.  After my first exposure to the Appalachian Mountain Club, I became member of their organization for 25 years and continue to support them as part of my 1% commitment. In my 2013 certification cycle, I looked for organizations which I felt had a significant impact on improving our environment. Our organization donated to NESEA, Clean Air – Cool Planet, Merrahawke Nature School and Global Greengrants. I was very impressed with their local support of incredibly real environmental problems around the world!”

-Andrew Sidford, Andrew Sidford Architects


Andrew Sidford Architects practices an interactive design process. It is their mission to design structures which maximize the usage of renewable resources while minimizing their negative environmental impact. By focusing on the experience of the design rather than the size of the building, they help clients enjoy better, more efficient products.

Thank you, Andrew!

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