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Welcome to the Network, ClimateStore!

At the ClimateStore they think the evidence for human caused climate change is overwhelming. They trust the scientific experts who have painstakingly assessed the evidence and shown an indisputable link between our use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, and the risk of irreversible global warming. They also believe that individuals can make a difference.

Founded in 2013, Climatestore’s mission is to make it fun and easy for people to reduce their carbon footprint. They believe the transition to living sustainably shouldn’t be about ‘giving things up’, but rather about creating rewarding experiences which increase quality of life. The company seeks to build a brand where people can seamlessly learn about climate change, set up a personalized plan, and take action to achieve the lower carbon lifestyles they seek for themselves, their families and their communities.

ClimateStore believes the growing ‘call to action’ to mitigate climate change is creating new carbon conscious consumers. To meet their needs, they launched their online store on Earth Day, 2014. They are starting off as nation-wide eCommerce business and are planning to build sustainable brick and mortar stores in the future.

Consistent with their core mission, they seek to run their operations in a carbon neutral manner. For example they power their website with wind energy, offset their operational and shipping carbon footprint, offer incentives for employees to use public transportation, and rely on partnerships with like-minded organizations like 1% for the Planet to support reforestation initiatives and climate change awareness programs. They believe in climate stewardship and seek to employ sustainable practices in all aspects of the business.

They carry quality products that will make an impact and promote lower carbon living, including home goods, hardware, energy efficient appliances, books, travel gear, accessories and more. Their product lines are curated to make shopping easy. For each product, they share the story of its lifecycle and provide details on exactly how it can lower your carbon impact. They carefully consider the production, use, and disposal phases of product’s lifecycle and communicate our findings to our customers with a simple icon system.

At ClimateStore you can:

  • Learn – Spark informed discussions with easy-to-understand articles on climate science
  • Plan – Find a clear path to lower your carbon footprint
  • Act – Get inspired by new ideas about sustainable living!
  • Shop – Find products that reduce your impact and promote lower carbon lifestyles
  • Share – Build a community that finds, creates, shares, and inspires solutions
  • Lead – Walk the talk with ClimateStore
  • Have Fun – Change your life and the world

ClimateStore invites you to take action to mitigate climate change!

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