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Plant a Victory Garden for Memorial Day


My early Memorial Day memories include proudly waving an American flag while parading through my hometown streets with my Girl Scout Troop. Every year, the parade led to our town cemetery, where we made sure every veteran’s grave had a flag next to their grave. An annual event, the parade was a chance for my troop — and my town — to consider and appreciate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Even if your hometown doesn’t have a parade to attend, you can still honor those who have served while celebrating the American spirit of perseverance. This Memorial Day, take part in an initiative that helped American soldiers and citizens beginning in World War I: Victory Gardens.

Start your own Victory Garden with our Bag of Beans Grow Kit and plant it in a soldier’s honor. You can even share your yield with your local veteran’s organization or food shelf. Embody the spirit of why Victory Gardens were first established, and get your family growing!


Bag of Beans Grow Kit

Please note: Our Eco-Friendly Plant Container is made of 100% organic jute burlap and is extremely porous. While it is best suited for outdoor use, it can be used indoors with proper overflow measures intact.



1 Eco-Friendly
Plant Container

3 coir bricks

2 plant markers

1 packet of organic Bush Beans


Step 1: Bring your Eco-Friendly Plant Container to a well-draining ground area outside or place it in a sink/bucket.

Step 2: Place coir bricks in container and carefully add water until bricks are submerged. Bricks will break apart easily once moistened and kids will love squishing the soil between their fingers!

Step 3: Once bricks are broken apart, let water soak in and any excess water to drain.

Step 4: Let water drain from bag. In about 1/2 hour, plant Bush Beans according to the instructions on the back of the packet. Have kids handle the beans and push them into the soil. Then, name your Victory Garden with our plant markers!


Once your Bush Beans start to grow, you can plant the naturally biodegradable Eco-Friendly Plant Container right in your garden, or leave them in the container for one-season’s use.

Happy Memorial Day from the NGA!

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