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Higham Whiskyboards® – Proud to join 1% For The Planet


For a long time now we’ve greatly admired the concept behind 1% For The Planet.  If everybody gives back a little, then the world will be a far better place – it’s that simple.  It also encourages an environmental business model and it’s for these reasons that we wanted to become a member.  This does carry a small risk for us, as we have only just launched our products on Kickstarter.  Nevertheless, we were determined to contribute right from the first dollar that rolls in, whilst also hopefully inspiring more start-ups to do the same.


The Whiskyboard® is a social product for Scotch whisky lovers.  Beautifully crafted from solid oak, it features an engraved map of Scotland across its top surface.  Within that map are place markings for a bottle from each whisky region to be laid. It’s about spending time with family and friends, sharing knowledge of the malts, listening, learning and exploring the story behind the dram in your hands.   The Whiskyboard® is a way to encourage and enhance this social experience.   Long forgotten about malts, dug out from the cabinet, placed upon the board and then very slowly compared in turn.

Each and every Whiskyboard® is made from high-grade European white oak; the same wood whisky barrels are made from.  All of our wood comes from sustainable forestry practices and is PEFC certified.  The luxurious whisky-style packaging is an extension of the product itself and was built to last.  It is our strong intention to contribute as little disposable packaging to this world as possible.

Our Kickstarter campaign is running from May 13th – June 11th 2014 and aims to raise £10,000 to help towards manufacturing costs.  Supporters will receive an earlybird discount price on one of our products and a never-ending amount of gratitude from the team here at Higham Whiskyboards®


You can support us here:


Lots of Love!

The Whiskyboards® Team

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