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1% for the Planet and Ceres’ 25th Anniversary Conference

“I don’t do philanthropy, I do strategic investment.” 

With that statement, Hannah Jones, VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation at Nike, called out a radical transformation evident throughout Ceres’ 25th Anniversary Conference: the way that the world’s most successful companies think about philanthropy and their relationship to the environment has undergone a dramatic shift over the past decade. No longer do they give to environmental causes just because they see it as the right thing to do; rather, effective philanthropy has become an integral part of their strategic approach to business.

1% has been supporting our member companies in making strategic investments for the past decade, so we were thrilled to join the conversation at this year’s Ceres event. Entitled “The Future is Now,” the conference brought together 650+ leaders in the sustainability space for two days of intense collaboration, education, and networking on the Boston waterfront—a place itself grappling with the challenges of climate change.

Just how far Ceres has helped the business community progress over the past two and a half decades was evident throughout the seminars, plenary sessions, and conversations we joined. Ceres has changed the way businesses work by:

And most importantly, Ceres is providing a clear roadmap for how companies can improve their environmental performance. Regardless of size, industry, or history, Ceres meets companies where they are and helps them to do businesses better.

As a member of the 1% for the Planet community there are many ways you can engage with the Ceres community as part of your commitment:

Make a strategic approach to climate change a core part of your business with Ceres.

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