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Welcome to PANGEA’s two newest members: DuPont and SACDEP-Kenya

PANGEA may have been quiet on the 1% FTP blog for a while, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy!

We have been working away under our mandate as the secretariat for Africa under the Sustainable Bioenergy HIO within the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative: 

The official launch will be in June, so stay posted to hear more!

We have also just returned from a very successful week at World Bio Markets 2014 in Amsterdam. Here’s the team at our booth!

And last, but definitely not least we are delighted to welcome two new members on board PANGEA – DuPont and SACDEP-Kenya.


DuPont works across a wide range of industries to improve products and make processes more sustainable. DuPont is formed around three focus areas: bioactives, biomaterials, and biorefineries. Therefore, from brewing to biofuels, from animal nutrition to apparel, they capitalise on collaboration and their capabilities in agriculture, biotechnology, chemistry and material science. Their belief is that solutions that harness the power of renewable resources, developed in collaboration across organisations, industries, governments, and countries, will provide sustainable economic growth, jobs, and prosperity, making life better for people everywhere.


SACDEPSustainable Agriculture Community Development Programme (SACDEP – Kenya) has spent the past 20 years working in community development in Kenya to ensure food sovereignty and wealth creation for sustainable livelihoods. SACDEP works in 21 Districts (14 counties) in Kenya, with offices in Thika Town. SACDEP facilitates and supports sustainable development through sustainable agriculture for resource limited communities in Eastern Africa through practical, socio-economic, scientific linkages and partnerships in Sustainable Agriculture practices for food, nutrition, renewable energy and income security. Through their work, SACDEP has enabled over 100,000 farming families to improve their lives, and currently more than 7,600 families are undertaking projects in areas such as agro forestry, conflict mitigation, biogas, and wind turbines.

More information about PANGEA can be found here.


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