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Try your luck and join a dolphin population monitoring expedition in Greece


MOm has just opened a contest for the Northern Aegean Dolphin Project!

Two vouchers “2 for the value of 1” will be given to two lucky friends, who will have the oportunity to join our research team in the island of Alonissos (Greece) and engage with the recording and monitoring of the dolphin populations in the wider area of the Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades.

The NADP is a self-sustained project and its longevity depends on people originally finding out about this program and deciding to support it. Its future outcomes will be very important for the conservation of the dolphin species that inhabit the area, mainly common bottlenose dolphins, short-beaked common dolphins and striped dolphins. The protection of these top marine predators, including the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal that is the flag species and the reason why the marine park was established in the first place, is vital for the conservation of the marine environment and the life it hosts.

So, for those interested in trying their luck, please visit MOm’s facebook page, like and share the main photo of the contest. The expeditions will take place from the 11th till the 17th of August 2014. For more information regarding the Terms and Conditions of the contest, please click here.

You may find MOm at:

1. website

2. Facebook page

3. 1% FTP blog


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