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Our First Blog!


Hello 1%ers!

The mission of the student-led Solar Gators is to design, build, and race a full-sized solar-powered car, and to raise community awareness about solar and renewable energy. Our team is made up of students with diverse backgrounds implementing knowledge from various fields of engineering, business and communications to make achieving the goal possible. Our team mission goes beyond merely being the first university in Florida to build and race a solar-powered vehicle. We are made up of individuals with real passion for green living and we all hope to use this race as a tool to educate the community on the vast possibilities and benefits alternative energies offer the local and global communities.

The team plans on competing in the American Solar Challenge in July 2014. The challenge consists of racing the solar car on both a closed track and on a cross-country event from Texas to Minnesota, pushing cars to their limits. We could not be more excited about the racing this summer! Eventually, we plan to go global in the World Solar Challenge across Australia. The team is currently finalizing the design of the aerodynamic body while simultaneously welding the chassis, soldering solar cells, and manufacturing the suspension.

We are very excited to announce that we have recently received our first sponsor though 1% for the planet; Credit Card Builders! We really appreciate your support!

Stay Sunny,

Solar Gators



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