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March is National Nutrition Month


It’s interesting that National Nutrition Month falls after February — the month famous for Valentine’s Day treats. I’ve certainly had my fill of chocolates and am definitely ready to start eating healthier.

Nutrition doesn’t have to mean constantly counting calories or keeping within strict dietary guidelines. Healthy eating can be as simple as pairing nutritious foods together and making a habit of it. For kids, this can be more challenging to achieve, as underdeveloped taste buds often make for picky eaters. However, when healthy snacks can be prepared in an appealing way, suddenly good nutrition is not only possible — but fun!

To celebrate National Nutrition Month, here are two fresh and healthy snack ideas:

Sweet Snail

This is a great weekend lunch for preschoolers, or a satisfying after-school snack for elementary and middle schoolers that’s bound to hold them over until dinner.

  • Make a PB&J sandwich and cut out a circle for the snail’s shell. You can add a fun, spiral design to the top of the bread with a few extra drizzles of jam. Lay the mini sandwich round on a plate.
  • Next, peel a banana (save the discarded peel for your compost pail) and lay it on the plate so it curves up, like a smile. Position it under the snail’s shell.
  • Lastly, break a thin pretzel stick in half and stick them into the end of the banana for the snail’s antennae. Add some eyes and a smile with a few more drops of jam.

Tangy Turtle

A definite crowd-pleaser, this tasty terrapin provides a fruity boost of energy!

  • Take one Granny Smith apple and cut near the core, so you’re left with a bowl-shaped piece.
  • Next, cut off the rounded part of the bowl, so you end up with a thick, flat circle of fruit. This is the turtle’s shell.
  • Grab a handful of green grapes (approximately 9). Using a knife, slice 1 grape lengthwise and then again in half. Position these grape pieces around the turtle’s shell, round side out. These are the turtle’s feet.
  • Make flat, circular grape pieces by cutting off the rounded ends of 7 more grapes. Position these grape circles on top of your apple shell. Now the turtle’s shell is spotted!
  • Add a whole grape for the turtle’s head and make a pointed grape turtle tail.

Want more fun ideas to boost your child’s nutrition? Follow our Kids’ Health & Nutrition board on Pinterest!

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