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Food & Agriculture as Key to Change

Dear Fellow Members of 1% for the Planet:

This non-profit organization, CDi – Community Development International, is happy to recently have joined the rungs of such dedicated causes and the network of socially and environmentally minded businesses like those represented here.

It is a huge honor to be in your company.

Over the next days and weeks, we will spend time populating our profile and adding to this blog. We hope you will enjoy the images, blurbs, and videos we will post here so as to share with you our vision, programs, and achievements.

We haven chosen “Food” as the primary vehcile for us to share our message, and to connect communities the world over. We all have to eat, and we need to (re)learn to do so in a healthy and sustainable way. Building community and cross-cultural collaboration is one of our aspirations.

For now, allow us to briefly mention the current programs we are most excited about:

  • Our Fourth Season of Miles of Trees, an athletic cycling and fund raising campaign for Tree Plantings in Haiti & Beyond. To learn more, to identify sponsorship opportunities, and to read about which rides we do and when, including our collaboration with Climate Ride, please visit here.
  • Our Organic Educational Farm “New Earth Farm” in Virginia, where we host cooking and food preservation classes, where we offer CSA shares, where we initiate groups and associations to organic farming principles and more.
  • Our Biochar and Biochar Briquette Production Line on New Earth Farm in Virginia: Our international focus is currently on Haiti, a country deforested to the tune of 99%. It is in depserate need to halt deforestation and to innovate alternative cooking fuels. Biochar briquettes made of coconut husks and mango pits offer an economical, ecological and healthier option. Partners in Haiti will be supported with the revenue we hope to soon generate from the sale of VA biochar (an organic fertilzer) and of briquettes for the domestic BBQ enthusiast, restaurants and organic grocery shops. For anyone intersted to retail on our behalf, please contact us. See this video and website.  
  • Our work in Haiti, which has included a varierty of projects in various localities, is at the starting point of creating a model organic educational farm center near Les Cayes in the South West of the Country. Our local associate, a final year agronomy student who has spent time at New Earth Farm as part of our International Farmer Exchange Program, will be teh lead coordinator in this weffort, which seeks to educate local farming populatiosn about organic an dsustainable farming techniques and principles. Future expansion on what will be a 3/4 acre plot of land to start is envisioned to include a seed bank, a tree nursery, a biochar and biochar briquette production line, a dorm & visitors center to accommodate large numbers of guests from near and far. To learn more about this exciting new project, and for a very tinely funding opportunity, please refer to the “featured image” attached to this post.

Thank you for being awesome! Thank you for reading our first post to the end! We hope to meet inspiring friends and patner through 1 % For The Planet and we trust you enjoy learning about the work we seek to accomplish (all grassrrots, 100% volunteer!).


CDi – Community Development International

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