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This Week Update!

First thing first, we’re glad to welcome new volunteer, Josine from Holland to join us for the next 10 weeks.

As usual our weeks start on Wednesday with swimming lesson, and this week is no exception. We had swimming lessons with 4 children from Widhya Asih orphanage and Pika form YKPA. Luckily, they’re having a day off of school, meaning they could relax and got to enjoy themselves a bit more.  The lesson went really well. Josine joined us for her first time and bonded surprisingly quite well with the children.  Pika, on the other hand was excited for swimming lesson as she’s getting more and more in shape. You guys know how many laps she did this Wednesday? 40 laps! Isn’t that just amazing?! We promised her a present if she could swim 50 laps next Wednesday. And the Widhya Asih kids are also improving their swimming skills. Kudos for them!

Thursday was a bit disappointing for both the kids and us because no one could join Talent Class. Luckily, we had English Class with street kids from YKPA (yeay for that!). Merel and Josine were really good at teaching, although it was a bit confusing for Josine, since it was her first time teaching language. The kids were more welcoming than the usual, we think they’re excited for having two teachers at the same time. After all, the more the merrier, right? (See pictures on our facebook page!)

Came Friday, we organized street kids surfing lesson and beach cleanup. There were 7 kids coming. Although it wasn’t their first time surfing, Nyoman Adi, Tintin, Doni and Jim the instructors from Rip Curl (Thanks guys!), refreshed their memories on surfing theories. Then afterwards, they cleaned the beach up, and they cleaned up well. As you probably know, the beach gets dirty this time of year. Cleaning up done, it’s time to hit the waves. Although these kids are still young, they didn’t seem to get tired easily. They kept on going and surfing the waves. Carefree and happy.

Saturday is Basic program for Group 3 of Widhya Asih Orphanage. We were joined by Stefan, Devi and Vero. We had Tintin as instructor and he explained them how to get good waves and improve their paddling in order to catch those waves. The class went exactly as we expected, and the kids went back with the biggest grin on their faces.

Sunday (which is today), we had surf lesson at 8 in the morning. Anjas, Yunus, Misel and Deni joined us. Having to get up really early didn’t stop their excitement for surfing. We think nothing stops their excitement for surfing. We had Tintin again as instructor, and he said the waves weren’t too good to surf. But hey, it’s Sunday and there were boards and there were waves, so just jump in! They had 15 minutes brief from Tintin. And they caught some good waves. They finished at 10 and went home feeling great.

P.S : on Friday, Dani is officially working for Rip Curl as a photographer through our work and learn program. Congrats for her. It is quite a success story.

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