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Participate in a research project on dolphin populations in Greece; help us sustain this effort


Dolphins have played an important role in Greek culture since ancient times: they have been celebrated in works of art, linked with the gods, and studied by Aristotle. According to some accounts, dolphins were held in such high regard that killing them was equivalent to killing a person and the crime was therefore punishable by death. Paradoxically, over the last 100 years, dolphin populations have declined dramatically, due to overfishing and the consequent depletion of fish-stocks, deliberate killing, fishing-gear entanglement and consumption or suffocation by marine debris, underwater noise pollution, collision with large vessels etc.

In Greece, although there is some progress in knowledge regarding dolphin populations during the past fifteen years, we still have important gaps to fill in order to proceed to efficient and targeted conservation measures for dolphin species protection. MOm/Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal, since 2013 has been implementing the Northern Aegean Dolphin Project, an effort to learn more about the dolphin populations in the wider area of the National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades (NMPANS), Greece, and thus evaluate as a whole the conservation state of key marine mammals in the area. Despite the fact that NMPANS is an officially designated Marine Protected Area, no systematic research effort has been carried out so far to study their populations and ecology.

People interested in supporting the project join MOm’s research team, being actively involved in daily field surveys at sea, collecting and processing important data on dolphin populations.

The Northern Aegean Dolphin Project can play both the role of an eco-touristic opportunity and at the same time, from year to year, gather valuable information on the abundance of dolphin species in the wider area of the NMPANS. This information is the cornerstone for future management/conservation plans in the area, for the protection of the species.

During this successful first year, we have made some very important observations regarding dolphin populations in the area of the NMPANS; But of course, we are still very far away from our initial goal. That is why we need people to join us and support the project, ensuring its longevity.

The Northern Aegean Dolphin Project will definitely be a unique opportunity for anybody that decides to join MOm’s scientific team at Alonissos island and engage with research activities.

Please, spread the word about MOm’s effort and help us act towards the conservation of dolphin populations in the NMPANS.

We hope to see you in one of our expeditions!


MOm/Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection fo the Monk Seal

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