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How One Member can Make a Huge Difference


For the last 50 years, Scenic Hudson (1% for the Planet Partner) has been protecting, preserving and restoring the Hudson River and the lands along its shores as public and natural resources. That’s an ambitious agenda, one that requires support from dedicated partners like 1% for the Planet and member business Harney & Sons Fine Teas.

Along with Scenic Hudson, Harney & Sons is strongly committed to conserving the natural beauty of New York’s Hudson Valley, where the company is based. Since 2006 it has donated more than $500,000 to 11 environmental organizations through 1% for the Planet—including nearly $320,000 that has helped to fuel Scenic Hudson’s success.

Since the initiation of this pivotal relationship, Scenic Hudson has protected nearly 12,000 acres of working farmland; transformed polluted waterfronts into exciting public parks; served as the region’s leading environmental watchdog; provided hands-on environmental education to thousands of students; and engaged hundreds of volunteers in projects to improve its parks and the habitats they sustain.

By directing the funding to general operating support, Harney Teas gives the organization maximum flexibility and enables it to utilize the funds for its most pressing, mission-based needs.


Since the initiation of this pivotal relationship, Scenic Hudson has protected nearly 12,000 acres of working farmland; transformed polluted waterfronts into exciting public parks; served as the region’s leading environmental watchdog; provided hands-on environmental education to thousands of students; and engaged hundreds of volunteers in projects to improve its parks and the habitats they sustain.

In addition to its financial support via 1% for the Planet, Harney & Sons has created unique “Scenic Hudson” blend teas and donates products for the organization’s special events.

To recognize the company’s long-term commitment to its mission, Scenic Hudson has dedicated a gazebo at one of its most popular parks—Poets’ Walk in Red Hook, New York—to the Harney family From this rustic structure, visitors from around the world enjoy spectacular views of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains.

According the Ned Sullivan, Scenic Hudson’s President, “As a beneficiary of 1% for the Planet, Scenic Hudson can attest to its effectiveness in channeling businesses’ environmental concerns into positive, on-the-ground results. Our partnership with Harney & Sons Fine Teas works on both sides of the equation: They are assured of having a meaningful impact for the environment, and Scenic Hudson can apply their funding to our most critical needs. We are committed to forging a sustainable future for our region and our work is creating and protecting the green infrastructure that will enable it to happen. Whether it’s protecting farmland, helping communities adapt to climate change, conserving irreplaceable habitats or fighting for environmental health, Harney & Sons Fine Teas—through 1% for the Planet—is a key partner in our work.”


In 2014, 1% for the Planet Members have the opportunity to support Scenic Hudson’s Groundbreaking Work to Protect New York City’s Foodshed

Since 1998 Scenic Hudson has been committed to preserving Hudson Valley farmland, and this remains a priority of its on-going Saving the Land That Matters Most campaign. Over the last two years, the organization has secured critical federal funding to protect 17 farms, bringing the total agricultural land it has conserved to 11,500 acres spanning 75 family farms. Scenic Hudson’s pioneering “critical mass” approach has protected large numbers of working farms in rural communities whose economies depend on agriculture. Funds that farmers receive from partnering with Scenic Hudson to conserve their land allow them to increase their productive capacity, in turn boosting the valley’s $800-million agriculture and  $4.3-billion tourism industries.

Building upon this track record, Scenic Hudson recently completed a groundbreaking study that documents the most important agricultural land that must be conserved to increase locally produced food supplies. “Securing Fresh, Local Food for New York City and the Hudson Valley: A Foodshed Conservation Plan for the Region” prioritizes unprotected farmland throughout the valley, enabling stakeholders to direct available resources to conserve those agricultural lands most critical for meeting unmet demand (more than $600 million annually in New York City alone) for nutritious, locally sourced food.

The report has garnered substantial interest and endorsements from food policy expert Michael Pollan, the national Land Trust Alliance, regional land trusts, legislators and farm advocates.  Organizations such as Slow Food USA and the NY Coalition Against Hunger have endorsed the plan as a model and critical step forward in protecting America’s precious farmland, which is being lost to development at an alarming rate.

Investments from 1% for the Planet during the coming year will support Scenic Hudson’s efforts to:

  • Protect 10 family farms encompassing 1,080 acres of important agricultural land;
  • Formulate a collaborative model for protecting the foodshed and build consensus among land trusts around timeframes and strategies identified in the Foodshed Conservation Plan;
  • Secure funding and create new funding mechanisms for farmland protection at all levels of government while seeking support from private foundations, donors and impact investors; and
  • Leverage the findings of the Foodshed Conservation Plan with other foodshed-related efforts, including the establishment of food hubs, distribution systems and initiatives to help young farmers.

With its deep network and relationships with farmers and landowners, Scenic Hudson is in a position to help 1% FTP members and impact investors advance their goals for helping to secure family farms and the future of fresh, healthy food for the New York Metropolitan Area.

Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Harney & Sons Fine Teas began 30 years ago as a small, home-based business in Salisbury, Connecticut, and has expanded into a global operation now headquartered in bucolic Millerton, New York. Operating out of a 90,000-square-foot warehouse, the company provides jobs for more than 150 people, making it one of the Hudson Valley’s largest employers. Harney & Sons sources, blends and packages its own product, which has grown from six teas to more than 300. The company’s story truly captures the essence of American business ingenuity.

Scenic Hudson: a National Leader

Since Scenic Hudson’s initial victory halting a hydroelectric plant from destroying Storm King Mountain—con­sidered the birth of the modern grassroots environmental movement—the organization has worked with citizens and communities to create economic opportunities while opening riverfronts to the public and safeguarding the region’s inspiring (and irreplaceable) natural beauty.

To date, Scenic Hudson has protected more than 30,000 acres of land critical for sustaining the Hudson Valley’s astonishing natural beauty, extraordinary biological diversity and clean drinking water. It has created or enhanced over 65 parks and preserves in 10 counties, often transforming polluted industrial waterfronts into outstanding places to launch a kayak, fish, picnic or spot a bald eagle. It has worked with 75 farm families to conserve nearly 12,000 acres of prime agricultural lands that supply fresh, local produce to greenmarkets and restaurants from New York City to Albany, and it has halted or reshaped dozens of poorly planned developments that threatened to destroy world-class views or block access to the river.

Scenic Hudson’s public advocacy experts have spearheaded campaigns resulting in federal and state legislation that benefits the valley every day. And its work with schoolchildren in Scenic Hudson’s “outdoor classrooms” is creating the next generation of environmental stewards. Scenic Hudson was one of the first land trusts to earn national accreditation and in October 2011 was selected from more than 1,700 conservation organizations across the country to receive the Land Trust Alliance’s National Land Trust Excellence Award—the group’s highest honor. As a leader in sustainability, Scenic Hudson’s park projects have won both Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) Gold certification and a 3-star certification from the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) – the highest standards in the emerging field of sustainable design.

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