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2014’s Newest Members!

There’s never a bad time to join 1% for the Planet, but starting the year with membership makes for a great resolution.  As 2014 starts to heat up, we wanted to extend a special welcome and congratulations to new member businesses Staffa Travel, The Small Monsters, and The Walnut Burger.  We welcome you to the network and can’t wait to see what kind of exciting change we can create in the new year!


The Walnut Burger

The Wisconsin natives behind The Walnut Burger have always been big lovers of the outdoors. Whether it be hiking, canoeing, birding, traveling, or simply watching the Mississippi River flow by, Linda, Jim, Kestrel and Forest Jenkins have always felt a great respect and appreciation for the natural world.

Along with Mother Nature, healthy food is another key ingredient in their everyday life. Twenty-seven years ago, Linda and Jim created The Walnut Burger, to offer a great-tasting and vegetarian option at their restaurant.

The Historic Trempealeau Hotel, their family-run business, became a known gem in the Midwest. Quickly, word spread about their quaint hotel & restaurant, and its picturesque view of the Mississippi River and rolling bluffs. Travelers consistently drop in to enjoy a Walnut Burger and nice cold Wisconsin brew on the open air deck. In a nutshell, it’s good livin’.

As cravings for their nutty concoction spread outside of their little town of Trempealeau, the Walnut Burger embarked on its journey into grocery stores and restaurants throughout the Midwest. The Jenkins kids – Kestrel and Forest – are now working together to bring their parents’ healthy, flavorful and meatless Walnut Burger to new plates across the US.

When the family gets together, their long tradition stands – you better believe there’s an outdoor adventure and a tasty Walnut Burger involved

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein’s words ring strong for the Jenkins, as they embrace their opportunities to learn more every day.

In the meantime, they continue to enjoy the moments – always with good food by their sides. Go Nuts!


Staffa Travel

Based in Delair, New Jersy, Staffa Travel provides travel consulting for clients needing assistance with all types of travel, from leisure to business.  Each agent specializes in either a region of the world or a type of travel such as romance or adventure.

Travel is not inherently eco-friendly which is why owner Brian Staffa took it upon himself to implement as many green initiatives when developing his travel agency. Not only does the company offset all of its power and gas consumption, but it offsets all of its own travel as well.

Staffa Travel joined 1% for the Planet to connect with other like minded people, businesses, and organization. Every time Brian came across the 1% logo on a product, he realized that he was supporting a company that cares. Brian believes that if every company gave 1% we could improve our environment more than any of us imagine.


The Small Monsters

The Small Monsters is an award-winning packaging design agency in Montreal, Canada. They create packaging for new businesses and new products.

They look for good projects. Projects that have value, projects that are fun, projects that are hard. And they aim to create real value with our designs, with honest marketing and a careful look at the environmental sustainability of every choice they make, from suppliers to materials.

As the economist Umair Haque wrote, it’s about outcomes, not incomes.

Working in packaging design has given them concrete proof of the impact their decisions have on our planet. Whether they’re looking at sourcing of materials, end-of-life concerns, or waste in the production process, they can see the consequences of the choices they make.

For years they have been careful to minimize the environmental impact of their projects. But starting this year, they have decided to prove that their decisions can also have a positive effect on the world by committing 1% of our annual gross sales directly to environmental initiatives around the world through 1% for the Planet.  Donations will be made to organizations working with wildlife and water in Canada, and Québec.

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