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Yosemite Wilderness at Roosevelt Lake


Roosevelt Lake, Yosemite National Park by John P. DeGrazio

Mt. Conness and Roosevelt Lake 

by John P. DeGrazio 

I recently wrote an article for Nature Connections Magazine titled “Our Connections with Nature”. This was a supplemental piece to a radio interview I did with Lisa Smith and Nancy Reid of Big Blend Magazine, Radio and TV. I had so much fun writing the article and being a guest on the radio show. I also enjoyed searching through photo archives to find these images of Roosevelt Lake in Yosemite National Park for the piece I wrote about the importance of wilderness and the connections we make. This is a very special place in the Yosemite Wilderness that very few visitors will ever see so I felt I can share these photos here.


Mt. Conness from Roosevelt Lake, Yosemite National Park by John P. DeGrazio

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