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Together in 2013

2013 was a big year for 1% for the Planet. We turned 10 years old, surpassed the milestone of $100 Million in environmental giving globally, and celebrated the power of collective action. We grew to 1100+ businesses, 3000+ nonprofits in 48 countries.  In 2013  the 1% for the Planet network did more together than we could have accomplished alone. Thank you for your role in helping grow the movement and drive big, positive change.

2013 By the Numbers:

 314 New Member Companies |  448 New Nonprofit Partners

$17 Million in Total Environmental Giving

Network Leaders

J Skies became the first ski company to join 1% for the Planet.

Oliberte Shoes become the world’s First Fair Trade Certified shoe manufacturer.

Go Multi Magazine became our first South African Member.

 Market-place Collaborations

Klean Kanteen and Refleece joined forced to make the world a little bit cozier! This upcycled steel pint cozie is made from recovered textiles and recycled plastic. Get one today and take the pledge against single use plastics.

In honor of Patagonia’s 40th Anniversary, New Belgium Brewing brewed the California Route Organic Lager. This craft special edition collaboration celebrates Patagonia’s rock climbing roots and the company’s longstanding commitment to organic farming practices. New Belgium Brewing is leader in the craft beer industry for their environmental dedication as the first brewery to join 1% for the Planet and incorporate wind energy for electricity.

Conscious Box and 1% for the Planet made it easier to buy better products with an exclusive selection featuring more than 10 member companies.

Partnership Highlights

After a successful Kickstarter campaign with support from Clif Bar and Patagonia, The Lost Mountain kicked off their effort in surveying the biodiversity and conservation needs in East Africa.

Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute and Trew Gear continue their mission in Hood River, Oregon to inspire and education the next generation of environmental leaders.

Save our Shores and BottlesUp band together to advocate for plastic-free communities in California’s Central Coast.

Staff Accomplishments

1% for the Planet expanded our team with the addition of Danny Kuzio as Community Development Specialist and John Tashiro as Director of Community Development.

Our Social Certification Sleuth, Pauline crossed the finish line for the 1% for the Planet team victory at the Mad Marathon.

Leah, Development Manager, and Barbara, Director of Marketing, sang with Jack Johnson during the 10th anniversary celebration.

Trina, Development Director, tapped into her pedal power and lead the 1% for the Planet Climate Ride team through 5 days of climate advocacy on wheels.

Terry, CEO, and Melody, Managing Director, traveled to South America took the stage with more than 10,000 people gathered for FIIS 2013.


We look forward to sharing more highlights with you in person throughout 2014. Thank you again and happy new year!

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