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Partnerships for Greater Good: Beth Boyst & PCTA

This arrived in our email inbox this morning. It was published in the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Partnership Office’s newsletter.

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You probably know that the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail stretches from the Mexican border to the Canadian border, through some of the most stunning scenic lands in the United States. The Forest Service is the lead federal agency overseeing management of the trail, but management and protection of the trail depends on many partners, including the non-profit powerhouse Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA).

We often hear about how important the Forest Service partnership with the PCTA is. Why does it work so well? For one thing, the PCTA is an energetic orgnization with dedicated volunteers and passionate staff. But it takes two sides to partner, and the Forest Service is very fortunate to have Beth Boyst leading PCT management for our agency.

Beth is highly regarded by our agency partners and Forest Service colleagues alike. From the Tahoe National Forest, District Ranger Joanne Roubique recently wrote in to say how much they appreciate the work that Beth does for the PCT:

“Partnership care and feeding is hard work and requires an artful approach. PCTA is a shining example of a partnership that is working well- REALLY WELL! We are blessed to have that partnership, and I attribute that to Beth’s efforts and leadership.”

The impetus for Ranger Roubique’s message was the recent installation of this fine information kiosk just off Interstate 80. Ranger Roubique added, “This project is a small but important example of one that would not have happened if we did not have such a strong partnership with PCTA.”

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