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Newsletter: Two Oil Companies Down…More to Go!

Alianza Arkana Quarterly Newsletter

Its October newsletter time! We would like to start out by thanking each of you once again for your generosity in our recent fundraising drive through the Global Giving Charity site. Thanks to your support we were able to raise $9,475 from 90 donors (8th place out of 305!), and gain a spot on the Global Giving Website.

These funds came at a critical time–just before rainy season, and so the Intercultural School in Puerto Firmeza has now been able to begin the construction of the school fish farm. Any later, and we would have had to postpone the construction until next year.

The fish farm is a critical component of the school, providing a nutrient rich source for student meals, as well as teaching about traditional fishing methods. Please read more about the fish farm here.

Many, many thanks for your support, and please stay tuned for our holiday fundraising drive, where we will be giving away Shipibo tapestries and artisan work!

Icha virus irake! (Many thanks!)

ConocoPhilips is OUT of the NANAY! Citizen Pressure the Cause?

Alianza Arkana has been working hard with our partners in Iquitos to stop oil giant, ConocoPhillips, from drilling in the Nanay River Basin, which provides over 90% of water supply to the city of Iquitos and is an area of unique biodiversity.

On October 5th, ConocoPhilips announced its decision to retreat from the project. However, the bad news is that they have handed their 45% stake over to GranTierra Energy – a Canadian oil company – to start drilling.

Now is the time to demand that the Regional government of Loreto call for a moratorium on oil drilling in this fragile ecosystem!

Stay tuned to Alianza Arkana for the latest on this critical situation, and read here for more information.

Video: Mobilization on the Pastaza River

After 40 years of contamination of their water, land and health from oil activity, the Quechua people of the Pastaza River mobilized peacefully in defense of water and life. And after 40 years, the government of Peru finally paid attention.

Watch their powerful struggle in this short documentary film by Alianza Arkana.

Trash that Landfill!

In the Shipibo community of Santa Rosa de Dinamarca, community members used 441 plastic bottles stuffed with 187 kilos of plastic trash to build an 8 meter-long semicircular bench around a giant mango tree in their main plaza.

That amount of trash represents one year of collected and recovered ‘waste’ that will not be buried or burned!

Read more about it in this blog.

New Permaculture Nursery Constructed in Nuevo Egipto

Alianza Arkana and members of the Shipibo community, Nuevo Egipto have just built their first nursery for an Alianza Arkana Permaculture project that will plant 3 hectares of food and fiber forests, polyculture companion planting fields, and family-run horticulture gardens with medicinal plants and nutrient rich crops.

The project is aimed at teaching Permaculture as an alternative to slash and burn agriculture, and to increase soil health and nutrition in the community.

Valiant Struggle against Oil Company

The Shipibo people of Canaan de Cachiyacu are gaining international attention for their David and Goliath struggle against oil company, Maple Energy.

Since September 2nd, community members have taken control of 9 oil wells belonging to the company, halting all production, so that their demands for clean water, health care and environmental clean-up are met after suffering from 40 years of oil contamination. Alianza Arkana is working closely with Canaan and providing funding for their fight.

Read more about their struggle against oil contamination.

Shipibo Communities Unite Against new Oil Boom in the Amazon

In the Ucayali region of Peru, communities are feeling the effects of a second wave of oil activity in the Amazon that has divided nearly 75% of the Peruvian Amazon into oil lots and led to contamination and environmental destruction.

We are working with the regional indigenous federation and Earth Rights International to give workshops on the social and environmental impact oil companies have had in the region.

Together, the communities are creating a united front to defend themselves against the invasion of oil companies.

Please read about these workshops.

Talisman Out of Peru!

“We are the owners and the original people of this land… Let this be a clear message to all oil, mining and logging companies: we will never offer up our natural wealth so that they can extract our resources and contaminate our land.”

These words were spoken by Peas Ayui, an Achuar chief, after the announcement in September that Talisman Energy is pulling out of Peru after nearly a decade of resistance by the Achuar people.

Read more about their struggle and victory.

Words from the Forest

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

–Greek Proverb

Did you know?

Unsustainable agricultural practices are responsible for approximately 80% of tropical deforestation.

Support our permaculture programs in the Amazon to help reverse this trend!

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