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Indigenous Community goes to Lima to Present Environmental Impact Study against Maple Energy


Leader of the Community of Canaan, Basilio Rodriguez Sanancino.

Last week, four delegates of the Shipibo community of Canaan de Cachiayacu went to Lima, sponsored by Alianza Arkana and Earth Rights International, to meet with the Ministry Council (PCM) and members of Maple Energy, as a result of the recent protests by the community of Canaan due to environmental and human rights impacts caused by the company’s oil activities in their territory.

The delegates first met with the PCM to demand the formalization of a multi-sectoral commission that would 1. Implement a general health plan; 2. Conduct studies for the risk of heavy metal poisoning; 3. Conduct an analysis of environmental contamination; 4. Propose a plan for environmental remediation; and 5. Design a plan for food security.

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