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Nature’s Brand Book, by Grain Creative

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Madelyn from Grain Creative sent us an update about an amazing project they have been working on. Check out what this longtime member has been accomplishing…

We were invited to see a screening in London of Project Wild Thing a couple of months ago and the message to get out more in nature really struck a chord with us. We do like to give something to the environment through our membership in 1% for the Planet: we support the Woodland Trust and the Centre for Alternative Technology. But to actually dress for the weather (usually a necessity in the UK), get out the door and maybe even get a bit cold, wet or muddy —– or indeed all three —– can take a real effort.

Before running outside, while we were still sitting at our desks, we thought we’d help spread the word. As a branding and design agency, we decided to treat it as a pro bono project, creating a tongue-in-cheek Nature Brand Book. You can use the Nature ‘logo’ in any color, get it dirty, hug it… but please don’t pollute it or ignore it. Sub-brands are the seasons, and for the rest you’ll simply have to download it here or watch the video here.

The Nature Brand Book has been a real hit for Project Wild Thing so far and also for our friends and clients. Feel free to use it to pass on the word, and don’t forget to just get outside!

Thanks for sharing Madelyn, we LOVE the brand book!

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