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Adventurer Update – Sage Clegg

Sage Clegg and the “Mysterious Gross Stuff”

Sage Clegg is a thru-hiker extraodinaire and wildlife biologist from Bend, OR pioneered the new Oregon Desert Trail this past summer. She worked closely with the Oregon Natural Desert Association – a wild desert advocacy non-profit that created the Oregon Desert Trail – as well as ASC participating in our pika, wildlife and diatoms projects. Along the way Sage collected a new species of diatom!

From Sage:

Every time I got to take slime samples I felt like I was a six year old kid playing with the mysterious gross stuff I wasn’t supposed to touch. Without fail, pausing to scrape scum off of stream-side rocks or squeeze liquid from bubbly green algae helped me notice something I would never have realized existed. One spring I collected a sample from was up on the side of a steep grassy slope in the Pueblo Mountains. The spring looked unremarkable at first, but as I knelt there scraping at a rock with my spoon, I started to notice there was moss growing between rocks, as well as tiny little yellow monkey flowers. Bees and flies were buzzing by, mites and other small insects were crawling around. By the time I rolled the top of the sample bag closed a whole new universe had been revealed to me, and that didn’t even include the micro-world of diatoms and algae that I had just shoved in a 2oz baggie.

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