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Why do you support St. Louis Earth Day?

Most people meet St. Louis Earth Day through our annual Festival in Forest Park, but others become involved by volunteering with our Recycling On the Go program at an event, attending our Earth Day Symposium, or by meeting one of our passionate Community Champions of our Green Dining Alliance. We’re lucky to have such a diversity of programs – it allows individuals with a variety of interests to get involved in many different ways.

We asked a few members of our Earth Day community just why they support St. Louis Earth Day….

I am a board member.

PaulTodd“I believe it was peer pressure from my friend that led me to first volunteer for a Recycling On the Go event in 2011. As a volunteer, I witnessed the “can-do” spirit and energy of the organization, the volunteers, and its leadership. I was so impressed with the means this group could do just about anything under challenging situations. This group has always looked beyond those who were in the way or said it could not be done.

“I realized at that time that this is an organization I was interested in offering more of a commitment of time and leadership, and was elated to be asked to join the SLED Board of Directors. As a board member, I am continually amazed at the positive spirit of the leadership, the creative means used to resolve almost any situation and the clear vision for the St. Louis region to be “Earth Day Every Day”.  I am extremely proud of the organization and their commitment to the mission.”

Paul Todd Merrill

I am a volunteer.

Leslie & I“I started out years ago volunteering for St Louis Earth Day as a way to do my part to Save the Earth.  I continue doing so because the staff and volunteers are so dedicated to making our little part of the world less trashy and to helping the public see that what they think of as trash really is not trash at all. The work they do at the various events around town has kept many tons of “waste” from going to the landfill; “waste” that gets recycled or composted instead. I appreciate being able to be part of something that does so much good, good you can actually see and count. Oh, and did I mention that volunteering for them is a lot of fun?”

Leslie Smith

I am a donor [and a volunteer].

AndyE“I gave to St. Louis Earth Day because it is a grassroots organization, full of caring, dedicated, and optimistic staff and volunteers. They are leading change by building relationships with the community. And they are such fun people! I always have a good time at their events, and I know that my gift will go towards advancing a worthy cause.”

Andy Eggleston

What do you give?

Are you a volunteer or donor to St. Louis Earth Day? Why do you choose to support local sustainability efforts? Do you have a favorite Earth Day memory?

Join the Friends of St. Louis Earth Day today, with your tax-deductible gift:


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