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Tulare Basin Wildlife Parnters: Big Work and a Big Payoff


The Tulare Basin Wildlife Partners (TBWP) develops regional, multi-benefit resource management solutions by convening and connecting diverse stakeholders in the integrated management of the Tulare Basin watershed’s natural resources.  We bring together diverse stakeholders, often with disparate views, to find common ground on projects that move the Tulare Basin toward a balanced and sustainable future.

This is big work with a big payoff. The Tulare Basin contains one of the richest and most complex ecosystems in California.  It was once home to the largest freshwater lake and most extensive network of wetlands west of the Mississippi.  Today, the lake is gone and the Tulare Basin has lost a larger percentage of its native land than any other region in California, with only 3% of native uplands and 5% of wetland habitat remaining.  Rather than looking at these figures as an insurmountable challenge, the TBWP believes that they signify immense opportunity:  In this great agricultural landscape, every acre of native upland, restored riparian corridor and wetland, or protected vernal pool makes a tremendous difference to resident and migrating fauna and the people who care about their survival.

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