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Support Bio-Sand Water Filters


India accounts annually 1 million children deaths due to water borne disease especially of diarrhoea. This is primarily due to lack of sanitary facilities, where 70% of rural population don’t have toilets and practice open air defecation that leads to water contamination and water borne diseases.

The rural population are much poor and ignorant of the facts and are also not able to afford to high costing solutions or appropriate technologies for clean water access especially for drinking purposes. At this juncture, a bio-sand filter unit to a family could be a cost effective, innovative, knowledge transmitting and awareness raising solution to these rural population and also help cut down the occurrence of mortality in children.

Hence SEEDS appeals for possible supports from 1% members to undertake and establish Bio-Sand Water filter to needy and deserving rural and tribal communities in India on Pilot and Model Phase. A small support means a lot and could bring positive changes in lives of many.

With Greetings and Wishes.

Thanking You All


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