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sspB…What a week!

Tuesday started with an amazing surf for Prema at Tugu Beach in Canggu. Every wave he caught was bigger than him but he kept his technique and rode them all into the beach. White-wash to Green-wave transition is officially complete!

On Wednesday we swam with Dana  and Pika. The Widhya Asih groups were studying hard for school exams so couldn’t join us for their morning class. Pika has started swimming without any floatation aids! We started small and will gradually build up the distance as she become more confident with being alone in the water. She has made so much progress in the last couple of weeks its unbelievable.

Thursday was a busy day with three surfing sessions. We had two talent classes, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon which both enjoyed the best of the waves that day. Prema surfed in the late afternoon and caught the swell just as the tide was turning. A big thank you to Hennie, our Dutch volunteer who went home in the evening. You’ve made a great contribution Hennie! We greatly appreciated your help and the kids loved you!

We usually have street-kids on Friday, but that was unfortunately cancelled. So prema had another opportunity to surf! It was a beautiful sunny morning with waves a little bigger than normal, meaning a tiring but exhilarating surf for him!

Saturday started with a morning surf with Widhya Asih group 3. It was a lovely quiet beach with fun little waves. Prema surfed in the afternoon as a bigger swell came through, meaning he could practice on waves a bit bigger than those in the morning!

We had Widhya Asih group 4 join us at Rip Curl in the morning today for a surf lesson. The sun was shining, and the kids had a good time. We couldn’t have asked for more!

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