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Project Spotlight: Repeat Glacier Photography

Taking Photos to Understand Climate Change

As adventurers and outdoor athletes we often are inspired by wild and rugged places, especially mountain ranges covered in glaciers and ice fields. The power and beauty of these natural wonders has inspired countless adventures and continues to push us to our limits.
Adventure Science on Grinnell Glacier
Grinnell Glacier, then and now. Photo by Alex Suber.

But global climate change is having profound impacts on mountain environments and poses risks to both recreation and resources. In order to understand how a changing climate will affect alpine ecosystems and water resources in the future, it is critical to document their current status. Our collaboration with the Alpine of the Americas Project provides a consistent system for recording the condition of glaciers and alpine ecosystems in North and South America. Through a unique combination of repeat photography and crowd-sourced citizen science, we aim to engage alpine enthusiasts in documenting changes in the Sierra Nevada and Andes mountain ranges, provide high resolution data to climate scientists, and build public awareness through compelling images and media.

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