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LCA shifts into the mainstream

eTool is pleased to announce its involvement with another two buildings in the Kings Square project, which have been signed up to the Green Star Innovation Challenge credit.

Broad Construction Services is building KS2 and KS4 in the Leighton Properties’ development. On site, the team is using eTool life cycle assessment (LCA) consulting and software services to assist in modelling and improving the design of the two buildings.

“The enthusiastic uptake of LCA by companies like Broad and Leighton Properties demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of sustainability, which will deliver long-term economic and environmental benefits to all stakeholders of the project,” said eTool’s Alex Bruce.

“LCA is the international standard for quantifying the sustainability of the built form so it’s fast becoming the norm for builders and developers in Australia who are serious about sustainability and who want their projects to be attractive, lasting, valuable legacies.”

For more information contact Marketing Communications Manager, Jo Thierfelder on 0421 589 548 or email

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