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Kombucha and Mugs!

As the giving season picks up momentum, we couldn’t be happier to welcome two new businesses to the 1% for the Planet network.  Please help us welcome Aptos, CA based Khordz and Fairfield, IA based Shaktea Kombucha!


The folks at Khordz live simple and sustainable lifestyles that keep them in touch with their roots right here in coastal California. They take care in producing individual, hand crafted, multi-purposed drink. We don’t always know where we’re going, but we know what we need to take with us. We keep our products close to our hearts, crafted with the individual and the environment in mind.

Here’s the Khordz story:

Coffee, lots of coffee…

Knots, lots of knots…

Fun, Tons and Tons of Fun!

I love coffee, I also love the ocean. Unfortunately my love for coffee and coffee shops, was having a negative impact on the ocean. I sometimes find myself at one two or even three different coffee shops every day. I have always felt guilty about the number of single use cups and lids I have consumed in my life since I picked up the habit at the age of ten.

In July of this year I saw a post from a friend, who like me also loves the ocean, and is a great activist for its protection. The post was a actually a challenge from her nonprofit,, to cut out as much single use plastic as possible from your life for the entire month. At the top of the list of worst pollution offenders was my favorite, the to-go coffee cup lid…bummer! So I decided to commit to the challenge, in order to do this I started packing around my favorite to-go mug that I’d fashioned the year before out of some leftover venation blind cord and an empty honey jar; I love using local honey in my coffee, I swear it has remedied my allergy problems and I haven’t had a sinus infection since I started putting in my coffee, but that’s another story.  As it turned out, the left over blind cord was the perfect length for making a hand wrapped cozy and handle. At the time I was also really into tying knots having just returned from a sailing excursion in the Caribbean. To my surprise, the newfangled mug turned out pretty cool!

I hadn’t really used the cup much outside of the house until I committed to the mermaid challenge, but because I have committed to eliminating my use of disposable cups and lids, I now take my mug with me everywhere. As it turns out the design has been a huge hit and now I constantly receive comments and requests from friends for their very own.  Thus Khordz was born.

The goal is to get others excited about keeping plastic out of the landfill, off the beach and out of the ocean and to help support those that make it there mission to protect the ocean and make sure that everyone can enjoy the beauty and resources it offers. That is why 1% of our sales will be donated to Surfrider Foundation through 1% for the Planet.

Khordz mugs are also a handy companion for the adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. You can do a lot with a jar and 25ft of paracord, some of my favorites are the handy snare trap, hanging your hammock, tying up hyper siblings, suspending your bear canister from a tree, clothes lines, and the fire starter bow!

Giving back is important to us, and 1% for the planet makes it easy and accessible. It is exciting and also beneficial for our brand to be apart of something bigger. Joining a community that shares our values and strives to make a positive change in the world makes us stronger as a brand and as a global citizen. Participating in 1% for the Planet helps us achieve our goals of improving our community, our environment and ourselves.


Shaktea Kombucha 

The connection of food, family and planet is at the core of what they’re about at Shaktea Kombucha and they want to take their commitment to brewing up positive change one step further by supporting projects that offer children education and access to fresh whole foods in schools. This year through 1% for the planet we are supporting The Greenhouse Project – Fairfield, IA’s local foods Farm to School project (through Pathfinders).

Shaktea Kombucha is a family-­run organic kombucha and soda microbrewery, launched in 2011 by Deb, Meghan and Jack Dowd. Inspired to create healthy soda alternatives, the Dowds craft fresh, alive products that support, nourish, energize and taste delicious.  Shaktea, a play on the word Shakti,represents nourishing energy. Their 6 bottled flavors and seasonal varieties are available at over 30 retail market locations across Iowa.

We’re so happy to have both of these fine businesses in the 1% for the Planet family.  We hope you’ll take the time to check them out!

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