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From the Field: Gregg’s African Adventure

Who Says Work Can’t Be Fun?

Gregg Treinish is the founder and Executive Director of Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation whose passion to protect wild places is all consuming. Gregg is both an adventurer and a scientist and his resume boasts of ecology degrees and the first trek of the Andes chain from the Equator to the southern most point of Patagonia and he has been recognized for both by National Geographic, being named Adventurer of the Year (2008) and an Emerging Explorer (2013). Gregg recently travelled to Africa to scout and develop new adventure science opportunities in one of the wildest places on Earth.
The elusive leopard. Photo by Gregg Treinish.

From Gregg:

It was less than eight hours after I landed in Johannesburg that I found myself on the Limpopo-Lipadi reserve in southeastern Botswana. ASC is exploring a potential project with the reserve to develop an ongoing adventure science effort to support their management team. Less than 20 minutes after arriving on the reserve I found myself crouched down peering around the Mopani trees to see the four, then eight, then twelve and finally twenty-two wild dogs that had slowly surrounded me.

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