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Denpasar Environment Agency- New water quality data released

There’s been some shocking data released by the Denpasar Environment Agency about the state of Bali’s water resources.
Tests carried out by the Denpasar Environment Agency has shown that both the Tukad Badung and Tukad Ayung rivers are heavily polluted, with both exceeding the limits for Class III water.

Indonesia applies four air quality standards:

•Class I – Water suitable for human consumption
•Class II – Water suitable as a raw material to be processed into Class Water for human consumption or for designated domestic purposes.
•Class III – Water that can be used for water recreation purposes, the production of fresh water fish, water for livestock, water for plant cultivation.
•Class IV – Water designated for watering crops and gardens, urban enterprises, industry and water powered generation.
The chief of the environmental agency for Denpasar, A.A. Bagus Sudharsana, told the Bali Post on Thursday, November 28, 2013, that the condition of the two rivers is a source of concern.

Tests conducted by the Environmental Agency in cooperation with CV Bina Bwana Wisesa in April 2013 found water contaminated with fecal coliform and total coliform, bacteria which suggest the further presence of harmful strains such as E. Coli.

For the Tukad Badung River the measurement was 930 at the source, 2,400 at the river’s midpoint and 1,400 at the river’s mouth.

For the Tukad Ayung River the readings were 930 at the source, 430 at the river’s midpoint and 150 at the river’s mouth.

It’s thought that cloth dying operations and commercial laundries operating along the river banks are to blame for the pollution.

Companies operating business along the river are required to have an environmental planning document (IPAL) detailing how their waste products will be handled.

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