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Adventurer Highlight – John Davis and TrekWest

TrekWest: John Davis’ Journey to Conserve the West

John Davis is a wildways scout, editor, and writer and co-founded the Wildlands Network 20 years ago. In 2011 John completed TrekEast, a 7,500-mile human powered exploration of the wilder parts of the eastern North America to promote the restoration and protection of an Eastern Wildway. This year John set out to do the same thing out west. TrekWest was an ambitious journey across the west, hugging the Spine of the Continent from Mexico to British Columbia to promote a Western Wildway. En route John collected data for a number of ASC projects including wildlife, ptarmigan, pika and roadkill observations.

From John:

When my San Juan Mountains hiking buddy, Paul, quietly signaled for me to stop and pointed quickly to a large shy bird sheltering from the storm in a small rock alcove, my shivering stopped.

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