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A Week here at sspB

This week started with another sunny surf at double six beach for Prema. The waves were small and closing out quickly but he caught a couple of crackers.

We had swimming lessons on Wednesday with the Widhya Asih group. They’re starting to get the hang of swimming now and are feeling more confident in the water. Pika unfortunately couldn’t join us in the afternoon due to a headache so Dana had the pool to himself. We’re trying to teach him the danger of the water because he throws himself around and into the water without thinking of the danger of the situation. But his enthusiasm is infectious! He had tones of fun riding the board as Prema paddled him around.

Thursday was a productive ‘office day’, with a large group of street-kids joining us for English lesson in the morning and Prema surfing in the afternoon. He and Dhani prepared their official CV’s and application letters for internships at Rip Curl…we’ll keep you updated about how it goes!

We started Friday with a surf lesson with a big group of kuta street kids. Some were new to surfing but most had joined us for at least one lesson before. They  had a good warm up, lead by Prema and even though it started raining, it didn’t manage to dampen their spirits! They surfed for 1 and a half hours in increasingly heavy rain, but luckily it was still safe for them to be in the water and it seemed to increase their excitement.

The kids in the weekend talent classes from Widhya Asih orphanage all have tests coming up, meaning that they cannot surf this weekend. Good luck guys! However, Prema had another good surf today, getting experience of competing for waves in the line up.

SspB wants to say a big GET WELL SOON to Made from our Eco Surf Shop, who is sadly unwell. We wish you a speedy recovery Made!

Just a heads up…We have a competition coming up so keep an eye on out Facebook page…you may be a winner!

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