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2013 Ambassador Update

What a year! Thank you to our Ambassadors for helping us do so much together…

  • We celebrated our 10th anniversary around the world
  • Got to spend some time with some of them in person
  • All gathered to kicked off our webinar series with our meet & greet
  • Grew the Ambassador program to 41!

As the 1% FTP Ambassador program grows and evolves, it is our sincere pleasure to work alongside these leaders on behalf of the planet.  This year, Ambassadors activated. Words were spoken, philosophies shared, bikes pedaled, mountains climbed, films made, actions taken, causes supported, waves ridden, songs sung…in short, people everywhere were inspired by our Ambassadors to live a better way.

Here’s how our Ambassadors worked with us in 2013:

Sustainable Brands, June, San Diego, CA

  • Chris Velan sang alongside Playing for Change at a 1% FTP hosted party for 300 SB attendees, the combined focus of restoring the planet and world peace made for quite the meaningful celebration.

1% for the Planet European 10th Anniversary Party, June, London

  • Kathy Sheridan met the crew at Patagonia, spread the good word in her own work (5th anniversary for her member company Sustainability Consult!) and used Love Blue to frame her sustainability story the rest of the year.

1% for the Planet Mad Marathon, July, Waitsfield, VT

  • Nicole and Dwight headlined with a concert on the town green.
  • Stephen Ritz (Green Bronx Machine) spoke about the importance of connecting youth to local foods at the kid’s event.
  • John Egan, legendary extreme skier, commentated the race as runners crossed the finish line, reminding us of the greater purpose of protecting the places we play.

Off the Grid Across America, August, Waitsfield VT

  • Rob Greenfield biked from San Diego to VT on a bamboo bike in the name of sustainability and lived Love Blue coast to coast. He gave reduce, reuse, recycle a whole new level of meaning.

10th anniversary party, October, Berkeley, CA

  • Jack Johnson, Amy Seidman, Rob Greenfield, and Jeff Denholm joined us to toast to the next 10 years! (Jack, 1% FTP’s 50th member played a few songs, Thank you, Jack!) …And another 1% ambassador emeritus spoke too, blowing everyone away with his philosophy of giving back to the earth and why we have to—thank you Yvon Chouinard!

GOAT, November, San Francisco, CA

  • Dirk Collins, extreme skier and Founder of One Eyed Bird, rallied game changers once again to think differently about how they can help the environment. The first GOAT is where the Ambassador program began a few years back…now that’s thinking differently!

1 Bottle for Life Partnership, Australia

  • Stu Bowen and Dan Ross, environmental advocates and professional surfers, continue to work tirelessly to eliminate single use plastics from the ocean. They’re selling bottles in Patagonia stores, working with Surfrider and changing things in Oceana one drink at a time.

Highlighted 1% FTP via a partnership with the Mentor’s Channel, October

  • Louie Schwartzberg, and incredible artist and new ambassador (announced Oct 2013) and his business, Moving Art (media partner) celebrated 21 Days of Gratitude via a free meditation series where proceeds benefit to us.

Shift, October, Jackson Hole, WY

  • Professional skier and mountaineer Kit DesLauries spoke to a packed room before the premier of the TGR (media partner) movie about her work with 1% FTP and POW.

Teton Gravity Research premier, November, Boston, MA

  • John Egan represented at our member and climate partner meet up at our media partner TGR’s largest show.

Canada monthly meet ups

  • Kris Holm is helping us grow the network even more by speaking at events, talking about his environmental work, and spreading the love on social media.

Engaging with Member Companies

  • Julie Gilhardt, fashion innovator, ready and willing to collaborate with EcoTools, a member business who donated generously to 1%FTP.

These are just a handful of events from the terrific year. Thank you to our Ambassadors and the rest of the network for the spirit in which you represent 1% for the Planet. It speaks volumes.  It inspires others.  It makes a big, positive difference!

We’ve had an amazing time learning from and supporting our Ambassadors and we look forward to even more.

Love Blue,

Barbara, Brodie and Melody

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