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When did everyone start wishing each other Happy Friday?

I know its not a new phenomenon, but today (i.e. Friday), when I was looking for a photo of Audrey Hepburn for our Solamante facebook page I suddenly wondered:

When did everyone start wishing each other a Happy Friday?
Immediately I googled the phrase and to my surprise nothing really came up, despite the fact it’s not really a very new trend or that you can find so many images with the motto “Happy Friday”
Is it because people don’t like to work?
Is it because we can’t stop dreaming about the wonderful things we are going to do

once we’ve finished our work?

Is it Friday yet?
I found some other people asking the same question but no real conclusion about
how, when or where it originated.
I have to say that I don’t thing that people in Spain say it very much at least not in
face to face conversation, but with online social media that’s a different thing altogether.

Facebook and Twitter are great places to post a nice picture with the slogan “Happy Friday”.
Happy Friday example

happy friday, why?
Dreaming about the happy friday
For me, it’s a nice way to keep in contact with Solamante followers and share
good karma.

What about you?

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