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What is it about love that I am truly yearning for?

Sometimes I miss having the deep love of a woman in my life and I wonder, “What is it about love that I am truly yearning for”?

Is it to be held?
Is it to be told that everything will be alright?
Is it long days of being enveloped by a slew of butterflies that make me forget the world exists?
Is it all the French kissing?
Or how about the little smooches between bites of cereal?
Is it making love before bedtime?
or waking waking up to a morning of rolling around naked?

No, no, that’s not what it is for me. That’s all great, but for me there is something much deeper. There is something else that I yearn for, that my fire inside rages for, that when I don’t have leaves me on the brink of tears on rainy afternoons.

I think it’s being the arms to wrap them up tight. I think it’s telling that someone that everything will be alright.
I think it’s giving someone a chest full of butterflies.
I think it’s making that person giggle and blush.
I think it’s doing everything in my means to make her happy.
I think it’s making that special someone feel like that special someone.

It’s about giving up my whole world, everything I know, and everything I have… Just to see my love smile…

That’s what I yearn for.

That’s what love is to me.

-Rob Greenfield

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