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We Really Care

Blog-Header-CARIThis November, R&D Events is looking back on a year of giving back to the community through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events. We asked each of our team members about their favorite CSR events and also to tell a little bit about their favorite moments during a CSR event. Because giving back through team building is pretty much one of the coolest things that we do at R&D Events.

Cari, which CSR event is your favorite and why?

Mission: Charity – I love the fact that our Mission: Charity event is a whirlwind combination of an interactive city tour of our client’s destination, a charitable give-back event and an event in which teams receive the benefits of team building – communication, strategic planning and problem solving. Teams not only get to support local organizations in whatever city they are in, but that they get to have fun while doing it. Our corporate partners can literally pick any local organization that they want to support and we can figure out how to incorporate that organization into our Mission: Charity event. Due to the fact that this event is so customizable, I feel like it truly hits home with our clients.

Learn more about Mission: Charity here.

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What are three words that you think define team building through CSR events?

We really care.

What is your favorite CSR event memory?

My favorite CSR moment, hands-down, is a Jam Session event that we did in Hawaii. It was truly incredible. During our Jam Session event, teams are partnered with a local high school student from the school’s orchestra or band. The high school that we partner with for this event is usually in a low-income area and the students we partner with will never have the opportunity to have their own musical instrument (because they are expensive!). Each team must create a two minute jingle utilizing their company’s slogan or mission. The high school student then advises them on what sounds good and gets the opportunity to have an experience that they have not had before. Once the teams complete their jingle, they then perform their song (student included) in front of the entire group and a panel of judges. At the beginning of the event, we tell all the attendees and students that the winner of the event will receive their very own musical instrument. Well, then the judges tabulate the scores and announce a winner. Of course, this student is so excited because they are getting their very own instrument. In order to help ease the disappointment to the other students, we pull all of the kids on stage and interview them about their experience. As the kids are being interviewed, we are lining up the team captains backstage. We then have the CEO come to the front of the room and tell the audience that you cannot have a band with only one instrument. And then he screams in delight, “So we are giving all of the kids instruments!”. The team captains come out and give each of the children instruments. It is truly one of the most exciting, memorable and tangible CSR moments I have ever experienced.

What are you thankful for this Holiday season?

I am so thankful for health, my loving family, the greatest friends, a unique career and the amazing team at R&D Events!

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