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Ten Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Intervals

Ten Facts You May Not Know About Intervals

Tens of thousands of companies use Intervals to manage their day-to-day responsibilities. The unique blend of time tracking, task management, and comprehensive reporting make Intervals an idea solution for companies needing reliable project management software. Whether you are one of the companies using Intervals, or just thinking about taking Intervals out for a test drive, here are ten interesting facts you may not know about our online software.

  1. Intervals is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California
    Our city is a popular tourist destination for people from all over. It seems fitting that our small city has become a tech hub for SaaS companies reaching out to customers all over the world.
  2. We have customers in over 100 countries.
    The Software-as-a-Service trend is here to stay, and has opened up new business opportunities throughout the world. Our customers are using Intervals to collaborate with clients from all over.
  3. We have customers in every time zone except for one
    The sun never sets on our customers. Someone, somewhere, is using Intervals every moment of the day. And in case you are wondering, the missing timezone is UTC+6, which covers Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Sri Lanka.
  4. 42% of our customers are located outside the United States
    After the US, our biggest customer bases are in Canada, UK, Australia, and India.
  5. Our first customer was in Kalmar, Sweden
    When we first launched Intervals seven years ago we had no idea what to expect on the international front. We were a little giddy to see our first customer come from a country so far away.
  6. We have customers in every US state, except for North Dakota
    Seriously, North Dakota, what the frack is going on up there?
  7. We are members of 1% for the Planet
    1% of every dollar we earn (revenue, not profit) is passed along to environmental groups working to preserve our planet. This means that 1% of your monthly payment goes directly to the environment.
  8. Our two co-founders bike to work more often than drive
    Between Michael and John, they total two car trips a week. That leaves eight commutes on a bike, from home to work and back. It’s a good thing we have a shower here at Intervals headquarters.
  9. Intervals was one of the first online apps to combine time tracking and task management
    Intervals was born, seven years ago, from the realization that the software options at that time were too simplistic and limiting. Some did time tracking. Some did task management. None did both. We have since seen a lot more apps join us in this space, but we truly believe Intervals is still one of the best options available for tracking time and tasks together.
  10. Intervals recently turned seven
    Happy belated birthday to us. After seven years of working alongside customers to grow Intervals, we’re looking forward to the next seven years. Our plan is to continue improving and growing Intervals, making it better with each release.

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