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Sometimes a Bridesmaid

photo: Moncrief Photography

When designing our dresses we have three major priorities: beauty, versatility and comfort.  They must flatter a wide range of body types, be machine washable and and wearable for multiple occasions.  You should be able to throw one of ‘em into your suitcase and never worry about looking great when you travel. In fact, nothing makes us happier than when a customer shows us what they’ve done while wearing one of their favorites.  So when Erin Ouzts wrote in to tell us about how her bridesmaids rocked our Rosalinda dress for her wedding, we took one look at the photos and knew we had to interview her.  Thanks for reaching out, Erin.  Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!

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HT:  Tell us about your wedding! Where did you have it and what did you eat?
EO:  The wedding took place at Debarge Vineyards, a very small family-owned vineyard in Lafayette, Georgia (just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee).  The owners had built an open air pavilion for their daughter’s wedding the year before and have just now opened it up for other people to use.  The style was earth muffin/barn dweller meets elegant Southern charm.  The earth muffin and barn dweller being me, and the elegant Southern charm coming from my mother, of course!  The decorations were inspired by my grandfather who used to take me out to a big field that he called his dream land.  He once picked me a bouquet of wheat and put it in a Mountain Dew bottle, and I never forgot it.  So the decorations were various arrangements of wheat and cotton in mason jars.

For dinner, Noel (my husband) and I wanted people to feel like they were at our home eating a meal we had prepared for them.  I guess it basically ended up being a spruced up Southern meat-and-three.  For an appetizer we had local sausage with sweet potato biscuits and cheese from a local farm.  For dinner we had fried chicken (which they fried on-site), barbeque, chard, roasted potato medley, sweet potato biscuits, butternut squash ravioli and fall salad greens.  For dessert our friend made us an assortment of homemade pies.  And for a late-night snack we had sweet potato fries with chipotle ketchup.  Whenever possible, we used ingredients from local farms.

HT: Why did you choose the Rosalinda for your bridesmaids dresses?
EO:  For several reasons!  First of all, I already owned the long-sleeve and short-sleeve version of the dress and thought it was the most amazing dress in the world.  I jokingly call it my night gown because it is literally comfortable enough to sleep in.  But at the same time, it can be worn for almost any occasion.  It’s nice enough to wear to dressier events but can easily be dressed down as well.  Secondly, two of my bridesmaids also already owned the dress in different colors, so I knew it would be a dress they really would wear again.  Third, it is a dress that really does seem to be universally flattering.  My bridesmaids were all different shapes and sizes, so this was very important. And lastly, it was just perfect for the occasion.  It’s great for dancing because you can move freely and it twirls, which makes you feel like a princess when you dance.  And it has 3/4 sleeves, which is perfect for being outside in the fall.

photo: Moncrief Photography

HT:  How’d they work out?
EO:  The dresses worked out wonderfully.  The bridesmaids loved wearing them.  The one bridesmaid that was skeptical about the dress in the beginning now loves it so much that she wears it everywhere.  The color was absolutely beautiful in the fall lighting against a backdrop of changing leaves.  The girls put on their dresses at like 11 in the morning (after our morning trail run!), didn’t take them off until that night, and were super comfortable all day long.  The bridesmaids looked just like they felt: beautiful (even the least confident of them).

HT:  How’s married life going?
EO: Married life is going well.  My husband and I live in a barn on Lookout Mountain, just outside of Chattanooga.  We take care of four horses, 11 chickens and one barn cat, which is a constant adventure.  We have a small garden with collards, kale, garlic, brussels sprouts, mustard greens, and shiitake mushrooms, which we try to eat from as often as possible.  We live right next to a huge network of trails that my husband built, so there’s unlimited trail running and mountain biking right out our back door (if we had a back door).  Every single day is an adventure out here–we call it “playing farm” because we get to learn a lot without the stress of actually owning the place (we’re just caretakers).  A typical day could include splitting wood for our woodstove, building a barbed wire fence, mucking out stalls, bush hogging the back pasture, working in the garden, etc.  Or it could be a play day: trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing or fishing.  Sometimes it’s also just nice to curl up in front of the woodstove and read a book.

photo: Moncrief Photography

Thanks again for the great story, Erin.  And thanks too to your amazing wedding photographer, Brittany, at Moncrief Photography, who shared your great wedding photos with us.

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