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Run for Ākāśa

One of my dreams is to create an inclusive community of individuals who share a sense of belonging and purpose. This community is empowered to act sensitively and ethically in caring for other people and the planet. However, I often feel overwhelmed by the global crises that are too big to face alone; in the end, what chance does an individual have in making a significant positive impact? Even attempts to create a better future – such as the UN efforts to shape its post-2015 agenda by collecting a “million voices” about the “world we want” – renew grand narratives that lose my story in the bigger picture.

Ākāśa Innovation is launching a new “Small Steps Challenge” with the aim of telling a collective narrative through individual stories about the world that we want to protect. We invite everyone to join our global initiative to run for the planet by entering a charity race and contributing to our collective journey of 20,004 kilometres, which represents the distance between the North and South Poles. We simply ask runners to share a story for each kilometre completed about the people and places that they wish to remember and celebrate.

Taking small steps together empowers each of us to participate and share in an ambitious journey from pole to pole. Telling personal stories together empowers each of us to envision and identify with a sustainable future for all.


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