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Parks open, dedicated agency partners return to work

Thanks for supporting public land!

Thanks for supporting public land!

We’re thrilled to see the parks re-opening and our agency partners returning to work. The news that the government is open for business is a relief. Countless skilled and passionate rangers, firefighters and managers make the PCT possible.

Each year, the PCTA works with more than 100 individual agency units within the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and at other agencies. Our agency partners represent an unmatched pool of professional talent and passion. Their attention, at all levels of their ranks, makes the Pacific Crest Trail what it is.

The 19% of the PCT that crosses National Park Service administered land is opening again. Trailheads, water faucets, campgrounds and other facilities on federal land are being opened and turned on.

Read more about our work with our federal partners here and here.

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