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October 8, 2013 10AMtrip on Goldwing with Capt.Jeff & Derek

Started out by searching for Humpback Whales near Constance Bank, Victor Gulf, way to the southeast of Race. It started to get a bit rough so we went back a little bit northeast of Race where we picked up a single Humpback Whale! We spent some time with the Humpback and a quick visit to Race Rocks where we saw all the seals and sea lions. Strong eb current at Race made for some big wind over chop. About a mile west of Race we picked up four more Humpback Whales, really nice viewing but in the big tidal chop. From there we traveled northeast into Oak Bay through strong tide pass, Chain Islands, viewing more harbour seals and looking for bald eagles. Back to Victoria with a roundtrip of 53 miles. We got to see six Humpback Whales and had a great time at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve!

Oct. 8 10 am Trip


Jeff Lamarche

Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tours
Beautiful British Columbia,
Vancouver Island, Victoria

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