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New Member – William Roam

William Roam is the spirit of modern American travel: refined but approachable, sophisticated but spirited. We create high quality, American-made hotel amenities for hoteliers that are crafted to the highest standards of quality and style, driven by the desire to do business in the most ethical and sustainable manner.

Not so long ago we were just a group of people with the seed of an idea. Like a lot of people we looked around and thought, “We can do this better.” And so we did. As a result, we’ve committed ourselves to placing gratitude and generosity at the center of our business practice. In every action, we’re committed to giving back to our communities, our country, and our planet.


William Roam products are American-made, but more than that, they are American-inspired.  Each soap and hair care product features American fruits, grains and other key ingredients sourced directly from American land.

“By aligning with 1% For the Planet, we are proud to be a part of this great organization and the difference it is making for our environment. Our membership is the cornerstone of a sweeping environmental commitment; the use of bio-gas energy, wind power, 100% recycled paper carton packaging and vegetable based inks help round out our conscientious, sustainable and bio-renewable choices. The 1% For the Planet community and its supporters are part of a large movement to facilitate change and incite action to help protect our environment, we are so very excited to do our part for this philanthropic endeavor.”

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