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Need for Adult Literacy on Forest Management within Our Cameroonian community



Abi Fall livelihood, abbreviated as “ABIFAL” was established in 2010 and legalized in January 2013, it is a voluntary , not for porofit organization registered and operates in conformity with article 7 of law No. 90/12/90 relating to the formation and functioning of associations.

 Our Vision

We strive for a world in which human dignity is protected from the ravages of poverty,ignorance, discrimination and violence.

 Our Mission:

To create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice.

 Our Core Values

Our programmes and activities are based on the following principles and values:

• Equal Opportunity for all

• Integrity of the leadership

• transparent and accountability in Forest governance

• Afforestation and reduction in Deforestation

• Respect of human dignity


1. To support services to grass root initiatives for self—help development.

2. To promote livelihood activities, which enhances conservation and forest development.

3. To carry out preventive education in order to limit the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, STDs, Malaria, Tuberculosis, etc.

4. To work in collaboration with other stake holders to ensure good governance, in the forest exploitation.

5. To work with local communities in the maintenance and management of their environments

6. To give moral, material and technical assistance to the target community.


ABIFAL has decided to work on the following activities whenever there is availability of funding:

1. Provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene facilities within some villages in the Mbonge Sub Division where the population have been living without drinking water for centuries now ;

2. Proper implementation of the afforestation process within the cocoa and coffee farming communities in Cameroon;

3. Strengthening of Literacy skills on forest management within our communities;

6. Better understanding of Family planning within the rural communities especially the forest dwellers;

7. Work to overcome gender imbalance.

8. Organize tree planting exercises within Primary and Secondary schools in Cameroon


“We believe that marginalized groups and communities have the potential  and will to participate  in their own growth  and development. We help realize this”.


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