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Rupert Holmes of famous international site Yachtworld looks at 10 of the world’s most gorgeous sailing yachts

Top 10 of the world’s most gorgeous sailing yachts by Yachtworld

MC2 Catamarans

This range of 53, 60 and 78ft lightweight luxury performance catamarans from McConaghy Boats is designed to appeal to everyone who appreciates both pace and comfort. Carbon construction keeps weight to the absolute minimum – the 60-footer weighs only 9 tonnes – and there’s lots of wave clearance under the bridge deck to prevent speed-sapping slamming. The design features America’s Cup style axe bows and high aspect ratio carbon asymmetric daggerboards. A trampoline forward helps reduce weight and all heavy systems are placed close to the mast to reduce pitching. Interiors are also impressive, with large cabins at the aft end of each hull, plus a spacious bridgedeck saloon.

Redefining speed, luxury and elegance

Contact us for more information about MC² Catamarans. Custom high performance luxury catamarans that will set new standards of speed, luxury and elegance.
MC² Catamarans was born from the vision of designing an elegant, sleek looking, high performance cruising catamaran. Is not just a fast catamaran but a luxury catamaran, which represents the next generation of composite, high-performance sailing catamarans.

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